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Columbia Agility LogoColumbia Agility Team

Dogs and people have fun together with this sport. Come watch the fun at any of the local competitions. This is an exceptionally well-run club.

Humane Society LogoSW Washington Humane Society

Find your next pet here! Many great pets come from the Southwest Washington Humane Society. When you are looking for your next pet, please stop by the SW Washington Humane Society and see if you can find the right pet for your home.

Humane Society LogoPet Sitters International

PSI was founded to support, promote, and recognize excellence in pet sitting. Check out their website to learn more about the industry and to see their ‘Recomended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting.’

Dog Days NW

Their goal is to have an easily-accessible training facility which promotes dog-friendly dog training. They use Operant and Classical Conditioning with positive reinforcement to help deepen the bond between people and their dogs. They believe strongly that learning should be fun for all — the dogs and the humans! My dogs and I have had a blast at these classes and highly recommend them to everyone!

Professional United Pet Sitters Official MemberProfessional United Pet Sitters

The association of Professional United Pet Sitters serves pet sitters worldwide. Our members are encouraged to follow the best pet sitting standards, and use professional forms to document how to care for your pets.

WayToBehaveLogoWay to Behave

Way To Behave provides in-home pet behavior training for dog and cat owners. From comprehensive puppy schooling to advanced adult obedience, plus effective, pet-friendly treatment for serious behavior problems, including all forms of aggression to people and other animals.

Local, reasonable rates, flexible evening and weekend hours. Carmen LeBlanc is an experienced, degreed, certified behaviorist and trainer located right here in Vancouver!

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