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Sit & Stay!Sit & Stay!

Pet and House Sitting Services


In-home services

  • Vacation Pet Care
  • Daily Visits and Walks
  • Overnight Stays
  • House Sitting

Why Use Our Services?

Going Out of Town? Everyone else needs a vacation now and again, why shouldn’t you? At times it can be difficult and inconvenient to ask family and friends to watch your home and pets while you are away. That’s why people call us. Our service will provide loving care to your pets in their home environment so you can relax on your vacation.

In addition to your pets being fed and loved, we will bring in your mail, newspaper and trash cans, turn on and off lights to give your home that lived in look, and make sure your home is safe and secure.

Daily visits and overnight stays available

Away at Work? Does your pet require special care or just a loving visit while you are at work? It’s tough to get away from the office. There are many reasons you may need a pet sitter during your work day. 1) A bored pet can become a mischievous pet. 2) Dogs need to be walked if they don’t have access to the outside. 3) Your pet requires special attention and medication during the day. Daily visits from our staff are just the thing your pets need to stay happy and healthy.

Our Services — Feeding the Llamas

If your pet is ailing and requires special medical attention (shots and medication), it’s important they receive these in a timely manner. Our staff have experience with taking care of these pets and will assist you with your at home care.

Is Your House Lonely? Maybe not, but while you are away for extended periods your home may need some TLC too. Having a sitter come by on regular visits to bring in the mail, rotate lights and water your plants will deter thieves and give you one less thing to worry about on your trip. Ever think “Hey, did I leave the iron on?” just as your plane is taking off? We are a phone call away to keep your mind at ease.

What Is The Best Reason? We love pets! It is our goal at Sit and Stay! to keep your pets happy and healthy. We treat them with as much love as our own pets.

We feel our pets are more comfortable staying in their own home while we are away. We are here to offer you a reliable choice so your pets can do the same.

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