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Pet and House Sitting Services

Thank you for visiting my page!

Sit and Stay! was created in 2002 to give pet owners in the Clark County, WA area an alternative to placing their pets in kennels or at Veterinary Hospitals for boarding and daily care.

Throughout the years, it has been a pleasure and a joy building and running Sit & Stay, meeting clients and taking care of their pets. They have enriched my life and the lives of the sitters and our business, and I am forever thankful for each and every one.

Due to COVID and the CARES ACT processes in 2020, ESD was prompted to reclassify the Independent Contractors as Employees. This change forced me to make structural changes to Sit & Stay.

As of Jan-1-2021, the sitters (independent contractors who formerly worked with Sit & Stay!) will continue to be available for pet sitting assignments. They will each be working under their own businesses. The direct contact info for the sitters can be found on the referrals tab on this site. Services can still be booked by calling them at (360)574.6855

I have heard from clients who have made my heart full by telling me stories and letting me know how much I have meant to them and how I have changed their lives for the better. I never started this business thinking I was going to make tons of money off of it. In fact, my mission statement centers around the well being of animals and the ability to offer a reliable choice for pet owners to care for their pets when needed. I feel like I have done that and have given clients peace of mind so they could work or vacation knowing their pets were in good hands. I hope you continue to book services through the sitters who worked with Sit & Stay! before. I can still be reached at if you have any questions.

Sit & Stay!

Colleen Waters

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